Saturday, September 15, 2012

Weekly Check In

Visible progress happening daily! It's so exciting to see.

driveway stones

Driveway stones. As I was standing on the sidewalk admiring these, a gaggle of university students went by and one of the girls was talking, loudly, about our house. "Even their garage is awesome! This house is so dope! Why would anyone build a house like this in Sandy Hill? If you could live in a house like this, why wouldn't you live in Toronto or something?" Well, maybe because we'd never be able to afford to build a house like this in Toronto? I wonder if she's majoring in economics.

house Sept 15 2012kitchen/dining room

The kitchen is coming along. That black portion of the wall that is set back is the alcove for my desk. It is painted in chalkboard paint.


Dishwasher: awesome.

 kitchen faucet

Kitchen faucet: also awesome.

 powder room

 Powder room wallpaper

 laundry room sink

 Laundry room sink.

 laundry room/dog washing

 Laundry room dog rinsing station (!)

  sewing room

 Sewing room with new wallpaper and bars for hanging quilts and fabric.

  basement bathroom

Basement bathroom sink.

  basement bathroom

 Basement bathroom.

  basement bathroom

 Basement shower. It looks so much nicer in person than it does in photos.

  front door

 Front door. We should have occupancy on Monday and hopefully we're in next week.